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Perhaps we know each other already or maybe we've connected via the gram but if we're meeting for the first time, hi and welcome my new friends!


I created this space after tirelessly fighting an unwinnable battle with social media. A space I can share my thoughts, my photos and anything else that would probably get me deleted from Instagram... AGAIN!

Now, who am I? I am many things. Many things I have created over the years to find myself standing in the shoes I wear today.


But currently, I am a proud queer woman, naked yoga teacher, body positivity and mental health advocate.


I live in Sydney, Australia with my girlfriend Anna and I am here on this platform to share my truth. A truth I buried deep for far too long standing in the shadows of others. 

I am here to encourage.

I am here to inspire. 

I am here to motivate. 

I am here to change my narrative.

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