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Photo by Joe Cuzzocrea (Website Joe-Brn)

Get Naked Australia.

"We need to change the way society views the human body. We need to normalise nudity and teach people that every body is real and normal. Nudity is not something that should be feared, it should be celebrated."
- Brendan Jones, GNA Founder

Get Naked Australia (GNA) is Australia's own organisation encouraging young people to get their kit off and experience nudity in a way most people unfortunately don't understand... GNA aims to use naturism to empower individuals and groups to gain body confidence and change the way society views the naked body. 

​In 2020, I not only joined GNA as an active member but as one of their naked yoga teachers. Since then, I've taught yoga to the GNA Community at a beach, at a retreat, hosted yoga & wine nights, and even taken naked yoga virtual through our lockdowns!


Below are our upcoming events.

*All GNA events are a 50:50 ratio between males and females creating a safe, non-sexual space.

Upcoming Events.



  • What is Naturism?
    The term “Naturism” appears to be a term which lacks a clear definition. GNA believes that Naturism is the practice of being naked in nature. Naturism is asexual and about connecting to oneself, those around them and the great outdoors. Practicing naturism can be a solo skinny dip in a river or it can be attending a large social naturist venue. It all depends on your comfortability.
  • Why should you experience Naturism?
    – Improved self confidence – Accepting your flaws – Connecting to the outdoors – Making friends of a similar mindset – Opening your mind to new experience
  • How do I get involved?
    It's simple, get outside and get naked... respectfully of course. If you're an Aussie looking to get involved in the community head over to
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