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I scored a date with the Big-C

It all started with fuckin' Mardi Gras...

When the pandemic first hit, everyone went into lockdown. Jobs were lost, social outings banned but catching Covid just didn't seem... real. Ya know? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a conspiracist or saying this whole shabam is fake news. Covid is very real and has taken lives. What I'm saying is catching the thing felt like a distant cousin. Someone you keep hearing about but will probably never meet.

2 years. It's been 2 years of dodging the virus that shut the world down.

But then I caught it. And at the worst possible timing...

I'd heard what it was like. I had been told it was 2 days of flu-like symptoms and then on ya bike, you're good to go (with 7-14 days of isolation of course)

But this wasn't my experience at all. From the fever to nausea, I'd never been this sick before.

The first night was one of the worst fevers I have ever had! Now I'm a sweaty gal but this was next level. But it wasn't until the sore throat kicked in that I realised what I was in for.

My throat got worse by the day and alongside it went my voice. The slightest sound sent shooting pain into my chest and don't get me started on the sleepless nights...

I was high on life the week leading up to catching Covid, I felt like a mother fuckin' boss! My calendar was full to the brim with private yoga consults and then BOOM! Just when your girl is up, a global pandemic knocks her down.

It was like having my face pressed up against the window watching the world buzz by. 7 days of being bedridden, endless episodes of Gossip Girl (that show is ridiculously long) all while watching our friends' lives continue on through social media.

It took about 10 days to finally have the strength to leave the house. Now, this is where it gets good... It was Anna's birthday week and she had previously taken leave from work so we could pack the car and drive off into the sunset. But you guessed it, we spent a good part of her birthday week in bed.

That's when I said fuck it, we weren't contagious anymore and if we were going to lay in bed and feel sorry for ourselves we may as well do it somewhere with a nice view. So we packed the car and drove to the mountains, parked up somewhere nice so Anna could wake up on her birthday with a view other than our depressing 4 walls of the bedroom.

The next day I wake up in the car and Anna is nowhere to be seen... 5am in the morning and if you know Anna, she doesn't wake up before 9am (unless there is a killer sunrise). 15 minutes later I hear her walking back to the car, she opens the door and says... "I have food poisoning".

Fast forward 5 hours, I pick Anna up off the public bathroom floor, drive her home, and put her back into bed... Again.

And that's the story of me finally catching Covid. Invites to my pity party will be sent out shortly but in the meantime, you can support me on Patreon or if you have commitment issues you can shout me a coffee As always, thank you for being here, your support means the world to me! You can find me on Instagram or if you are here for the yoga, book your FREE 1:1 private yoga consult and let's flow my friend. Talk soon,


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