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I swapped antidepressants for magic mushrooms

A little mushroom dust with your morning vitamins anyone? Perhaps a scoop of mushroom powder in your morning smoothie.

When seeking help for your mental health micro-dosing might not be your first thought.. But maybe it should be?

Before you label me a lunatic who you think is tripping balls on the daily to better my anxiety, just hear me out for a moment. Let's talk about micro-dosing vs macro-dosing.

To experience a balls to the wall mushroom trip and taste the colour purple, this would require you to take a macro-dose which is 1 gram of (dried) mushrooms at the minimum. The psilocybin in the mushrooms binds and stimulates serotonin 2A receptors in the brain. In a macro-dose, this can create effects such as: an altered state of mind, altered sensory perception, and hallucinations.

But if running around the forest butt naked and talking to trees isn't your vibe but you still want those feel-good effects, there is micro-dosing.

Micro-dosing is taking small doses of (dried) mushrooms on a regular basis, about one-tenth of a macro-dose. Taking this amount shouldn't cause any hallucinogenic effects at all, the right amount and you may completely forget that you've taken mushrooms that morning.

Taking mushrooms is no longer a thing of the 70's. People are not taking them to escape their lives but to instead enhance them.

So why am I taking mushrooms?

I've struggled with my mental health for a long time, it's only in my late 20's I've realised I can actually do something about it. Living in a constant state of tension and carrying my anxiety around like a survival kit, I learned to deal with the bad times and soak up the good.

Medication was never an option for me. I feared it would dull my creativity and I'd lose my authentic self. So I turned to magic mushrooms.

If you're living under a rock, I need to make a disclaimer that mushrooms are NOT legal and while initial research surrounding self-medicating with mushrooms does seem promising, there is still not enough clinical evidence to make blanket statements about the effectiveness.

Anyway, back to me pill-poppin' mushies.

I sourced a bag of dried fungi from a friend. I then chopped, weighed, and measured the mushrooms into capsules myself (weird flex). I had the next few days off with nothing planned and thank god for that because my first dose was definitely a little strong... I got hit with a headache and an overwhelming urge to just sleep. I was spaced out and a little floaty so I just took the day for myself and napped. It was kinda nice.

As the weeks continued, I popped a morning pill every 3 days and it only took a week to soon forget I was even 'on mushrooms'. I began to notice a sense of calm wash over me and also started to question my anxiety at times. In moments where I would usually be stressed, it's as though I had taken a step back and suddenly saw another perspective. But the biggest shift for me since I have been micro-dosing is my increase in affection. I have always been someone that is overprotective of my personal space and that extends to my romantic relationships.

Although, over the past month, I've noticed changes within myself. They have been micro-changes but enough to begin to let down my guard and allow the touch of others against my skin, and really feel it.

Where the hell can you find these magical organisms?

There are butt-loads of mushrooms that inhabit the forest that contain psilocybin but the most common and easy to identify mushroom is the gold top mushroom. This fun-guy will produce a blue colour once picked bruising the stem. Now where to find them? Magic mushrooms appear in the aftermath of rain when the air warms up. They grow in a variety of habitats, and magic mushrooms are most commonly found in dung deposits, grasslands, woodlands, gardens, and disturbed areas.

Pick the little guys by cutting the base of the stalk. Leave the roots behind so they can continue to grow. Store them in a paper bag not plastic as this will cause them to sweat and you don't want that.

Freshly picked mushrooms will go moldy very quickly (I found out the hard way) so when you return home from your forest outing, get those little buggers into a dehydrator ASAP! Although if you plan on taking a trip, fresh mushrooms can be stored in a paper bag in the fridge for around 2 weeks.

So how do you micro-dose mushrooms... (asking for a friend of course)

First, you need to get your hands on some mushrooms... The magic kind. You can do this by foraging them yourself or consulting with your local drug dealer. Ground them into dust or you can do it the hard way as I did and chop them up with a knife. You measure out each dose to about 0.1g (you will find the right dose that suits you over time) and this can be put into pill capsules or perhaps sprinkled into your morning tea or smoothie.

How often you dose is dependent on the individual but the standard cycle is every 3 days with a week off each month. It is recommended to take your dose in the mornings and take time for yourself if possible during the first few days juuuuuust in case.

Now I want to wrap back around and remind you that the law and I don't see eye to eye on the excitement of this subject but my therapist does and that's enough for me.

Medical trials have shown the treatment of psychedelics is at least as good as big pharma drugs when it comes to handling depression. Further studies have also shown a reduction in anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction (including withdrawals of prescription drugs), quitting smoking, and eating disorders. Studies have also shown that psychedelic therapy helps ease those with existential dread. Yet if you were caught with psychedelics, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to prove the positive impact on a persons mental health, you would be charged with possession of a class A drug (under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971).

But let's not go down that rabbit hole...

My personal experience with micro-dosing mushrooms has not been life-changing but impactful enough to research the fuck out of this subject and share my experience so far. It's important to note that the consumption of psychedelics does not always need to be motivated by mental health, perhaps it's to simply change your perspective and consider a new outlook on this crazy thing we call life.

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