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My Naked Roadtrip

Bags packed, tank filled and we're on the road!

There is something so freeing about road trips. Windows down, music blasting with the sweet smell of fresh air filling the car. We had our bed set up in the back, cold ciders in the fridge, and nowhere to be. This is living!

We wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible for this long road trip. We had the back of the car fitted out by Katacamperbox with a platform to sleep on which included pull-out draws that held our stovetop and cooking supplies. We also had a lithium battery running our fridge 24/7 with a solar blanket recharging the battery every few days.

To my surprise, there are no legal nude beaches in QLD, and between camping, at rest stops (which you can legally do for up to 20 hours) my clothes stayed on for the first few days.

Naked traveler or not, those living the #dirtbag life on the road can appreciate a good outdoor shower, because it may be your last for a few days! If you know me on a more personal level, you know how much I hate the cold.. that includes cold showers! But as you will see pictured, I'm learning to channel my inner Wim Hoff "Breath, mother fucker".

Next stop, Rikki (aka @the.naked.yogini)

It has become an anticipated yearly tradition to cross the QLD border and beelined to Rikki's house. We had only first met on last year's road trip, where we had connected over the internet and she then invited me into her house for a bed, shower, and wholesome conversation.

Although we were traveling through stinger season (no thank you), we still enjoyed finding secluded parts of beaches to strip off. Pictured is us at Hideaway Beach, not far a walk from the entrance with no one in sight!

Hideaway Bay marked the highest point we drove on our road trip. We continually tossed back and forth continuing to Cairns where we had booked accommodation for the night to celebrate New Year's Eve but the dark storm clouds rolling in said otherwise.

We parked up at the beach and relaxed while watching a movie. We weren't sure where we intended to sleep that night as there was a clear sign stating that where we were parked was strictly no camping. As the sun began to set, we began to prepare our dinner. Unexpectedly, a middle-aged man pops his head around the back of our car, beer in hand, and asked if we would like to take shelter for the night at him and his wife's house across the road as a huge storm was rolling in.

We kindly accepted, but not before messaging a friend with our location just to be safe.

When we entered their house we had almost forgotten that we had been taken in off the street.. The couple treated us like VIP guests, ushering us to our room for the night with our own ensuite bathroom, towels, and a king sized bed! We shared stories over a beverage that night, and were cooked breakfast the next morning before we headed off back down the coastline!

We stumbled across a cute little campground Smalleys Beach Camping Area where we cooked some tucker, relaxed and watched a storm roll in.

It was New Years Eve and we still had no idea what our plans were for the coming night. We had heard of a waterfall that we decided to check out and along the way we passed a cute little bush camp with a sign that said "stay here tonight, it's unique" I was sold!

We pulled in and were greeted by an old codger and his dog who he had ironically named Dog. We set up camp for the night and spent the afternoon exploring 📍 Platypus Bush Camp. This was not a nudist camp but with the encouragement of a 'swimwear optional' sign, we quickly made ourselves at home.

We came to learn Wazza, (the old codger with a dog named Dog) was "somewhat a legend" in the community, having owned this camp for over 30 years and building the huts (currently not available), rainforest showers, and communal kitchen and gathering areas himself.

We couldn't have asked for a better New Years Eve!

Not far from Platypus Bushcamp, where we were staying, we found a stunning waterfall in 📍 Eungella National Park, Araluen Falls. We missed the foot traffic and were able to strip off for a skinny dip (it was too cold for me).

What's a road trip without a 6-hour detour to see old friends?

To our surprise, these friends lived on an INCREDIBLE piece of land. We were surrounded by boulders, trees, and birds as far as the eye could see. And I was admittedly obsessed with their outdoor shower!

Our friends being the epic adventurers they are, took us to Girraween National Park where we rock climbed our way to the top and decided fuck it, let's get nude! You know what they say... nude friends are the best kind of friends! Know when it comes to onlookers, you always need to be respectful. If an onlooker seems uncomfortable, that is your cue to cover up.

Here we were lucky to have this beautiful place all to ourselves!

Our next stop was to see another noodie! This friend had recently moved onto a property and we were looking forward to spending a few days relaxing in nature and catching up.

By this point, we had been on the road for almost 3 weeks and although we still slept in the car during our stay on our friend's property, there is just something so something wholesome about finishing off a long and exhausting trip in the company of loved ones.

Our last few days drifted by as we packed our things, strapped the marque to the roof, and shoved dirty clothes wherever they would fit. We were on the home stretch but our trip wasn't quite over yet.. we had 1 more stop.

Get Naked Australia Beach Carnival!

By this point we had literally run out of underwear, so how ironic it was that our final destination was a nude event.

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