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My Naked Roadtrip

Bags packed, tank filled and we're on the road!

There is something so freeing about road trips. Windows down, music blasting with the sweet smell of fresh air filling the car. We had our bed set up in the back, cold ciders in the fridge, and nowhere to be. This is living!

We wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible for this long road trip. We had the back of the car fitted out by Katacamperbox with a platform to sleep on which included pull-out draws that held our stovetop and cooking supplies. We also had a lithium battery running our fridge 24/7 with a solar blanket recharging the battery every few days.

To my surprise, there are no legal nude beaches in QLD, and between camping, at rest stops (which you can legally do for up to 20 hours) my clothes stayed on for the first few days.

Naked traveler or not, those living the #dirtbag life on the road can appreciate a good outdoor shower, because it may be your last for a few days! If you know me on a more personal level, you know how much I hate the cold.. that includes cold showers! But as you will see pictured, I'm learning to channel my inner Wim Hoff "Breath, mother fucker".